Developing and designing our domes so they are both visually stunning and practical has been a long process. The domes generally come with a 1/3 transparent window for maximum light and has a high wind loading capacity, due to the inherent strength of the timber structure. They have been designed in accordance with an independent structural engineer to ensure they are capable of withstanding heavy loads. They are designed to be erected both quickly and safely.

The ability to transform into a dome stage is a real selling point to this structure, particularly for the events industry due to its sheer versatility in possibilities for the dome. 

  • UNIQUE DESIGN –Our Geodome has carefully been developed with premium components to ensure the highest quality product. 

  • VERSATILE – The Geodome has the ability to not only be a fantastic venue, but also a one-of-a-kind dome stage using only a small number of additional parts! 

  • DURABLE – The innovative design of the nodes and use of timber frame gives the Geodome the ability to hold 50kg per node.

  • VISUALLY ATTRACTIVE – Our dome has a textured polycotton cover and beautiful timber frames. –  so, no aluminium or PVC to look at.

  • CUSTOMISABLE – Our domes can be adapted to suit the needs of any brand, with scope to have vinyl on the standard canvas or a custom-made canvas.

Available in 12m, 15m and 20m.

Our standard-stock cover colour is sold as off-white, but can be ordered in almost any colour or design.