Bell tent purchase

The Classic Bell Tent

The Old Time Favourite - Bell Tents have fast become one of the UK's favourite tents to spend a weekend away in. From Festivals to Glamping holidays, there's not many people that haven't stayed in one.

Our Bell Tents are a high quality canvas, and available in 4m, 5m and 6m.

Customisable - choose a colour for your bell tents and stand out from the crowd, or go for the classic canvas colour, blending in with nature.

quad dome glamping

Timber Quad Dome Glamping Pod

Something new, Something different.

The Quad Dome Glamping Pod has an area of 25m2 - ideal for a secluded holiday in the forest or at the foot of the vast expanse of a lake.

Its adaptable design can allow for a large space folding up to four people, or alternatively can fit one double bed, small kitchenette and small bathroom.

This truly is a unique alternative to the standard glamping pod.

Sustainable glamping pavilion

Timber Glamping Pavilion

Innovative, Unique, Sustainable.

The Timber Pavilion is proof that the comforts and the luxury of hotel stays do not have to be forgotten with these incredible glamping pods.

Their unique shape, rustic timber frames and bright canvas create a blissful atmosphere amongst nature.

The hard wood interior makes this glamping structure easy to clean, and will stand the test of time.