We have over a decade of working within the events industry and know as much as anyone how intense the events industry can be. We have provided structures on a rental basis with Event in a Tent since 2010 through the summer and have worked with major clients and major festivals. 

If you have aims of using our tents for your tent rental business, or are looking to use your chosen tent on a regular basis for different events throughout the years – rigging and derigging around the country – TENTHUB works as a more affordable option than the traditional rental or cross hire agreement. 

We can work with you throughout the purchase process to create a bespoke package for you to get the most out of your chosen structure. 


  •  WINTER MAINTENANCE & STORAGE – We understand the events industry is seasonal, so we can maintain, clean and store your structure in our secure warehouse during the quiet season. 
  • WE KNOW YOUR INDUSTRY – We understand the events industry as well as anyone, and have vast experience working with major event planners and providing structures to major events.
  • CONSISTENT COMMUNICATION – We will work with you throughout the purchasing process to ensure we have the best package for your needs. 
  • RIG/DERIG SERVICES- If you need someone to rig and de-rig your tent around the country, we can help with this. 
  • TRAINING PROGRAMMES – if you already have your rig team, we can provide training programmes to show your crew how to safely build your tent.