Over the years we have taken time and careful consideration in sourcing our Stretch Tents. They are a 100% waterproof premium product sourced from South Africa. Stretch tents are one of the most versatile of tents and are visually stunning.

The three-ply composite material (that allows them to stretch while remaining waterproof) gives them their flowing shape that can easily be adapted to fit into the most challenging of sites, whether it be over terraced lawns, walled gardens or a cobbled courtyard.

  • CUSTOMISABLE CANVAS – Each stretch tent canvas can be customised to your needs. Whether this is a particular colour, or with branding.
  • CUSTOM ANCHORING SYSTEMS – We can design your anchoring system to suit your venue in our in-house workshop, and also arrange the foundations with our business RAPID FOUNDATIONS
  • DURABLE – Withstands difficult weather conditions and is 100% waterproof
  • VERSATILE – Adaptable to challenging spaces and can also be linked together to create even larger structures.

Variety of single stretch sizes from 5m x 7.5m–21m x 15m

Variety of colours including Chino, Black, Platinum. Options to customise according to brand or personal preference.